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Smart Workplaces is administered by the Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI) at Flinders University and is provided free of charge. In accepting the terms and conditions you acknowledge that the web resource as a whole, as well as the survey analysis and recommendations, are to be used as an advisory tool only. The feedback you receive from the site and in report form are based upon an automated analysis of the information you provide and do not, in any way, provide validation to practices in your workplace or your wider compliance with employment legislation. The University takes no responsibility for how the feedback is interpreted or utilised.


Completing the Smart Workplaces Survey requires registration, although you can withhold your company details if you desire. Your company name will only be used for login purposes and to customize your workplace report. Registration will allow you to save, print, re-visit and change your workplace report. Details provided when registering will not be used for any other purposes and will be stored in accordance with the University's Privacy Policy and Privacy Management Procedures.

The information you provide WILL NOT be used for any marketing purposes or provided to third parties. Statistical analysis of the data will be undertaken by the University for social analysis and to identify general trends. No individual respondent will be identified and analysis will be anonymised with company names being removed from any dataset.

The University may analyse information logged by our server for statistical purposes and to maintain and improve our website service for users.


The advisory information provided by Smart Workplaces (particularly survey responses) is for guidance purposes only. Whilst Flinders University will strive to keep the information on the Smart Workplaces website up-to-date and as accurate as possible, it cannot fully guarantee the accuracy, reliability or currency of the information. The University reserves the right to alter, amend, vary or otherwise change, or discontinue any survey feedback or information on this website at any time, without notice.

Flinders University accepts no responsibility for the results of any actions taken on the basis of information on this website, nor for the accuracy or completeness of any material contained herein. Users are advised to seek confirmation of the information from other relevant sources, institutions or organisations. In addition, it is recommended that any workplace practices suggested here are tailored to individual workplaces as there is no best practice list that meets the needs of all businesses.

This website contains links to external organisations and information. In providing such links, Flinders University does not accept responsibility for, nor endorse the content of any linked site.

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