Video Clips

The following videos are short, informative excerpts taken from well-known business leaders, academics or companies on a variety of topics associated with becoming a Smart Workplace.

  • Mr Steve Jobs - Managing people
    Co-founder of Apple Inc., Steve talks about the importance of team work and trust (2010; 2min26sec).
  • Professor Diana Kander - Innovation
    An entrepreneur and academic at the University of Missouri, Diana discusses the problems with current approaches to innovation and how strong emphasis is placed on planning rather than interacting with consumers (2014; 9min48sec).
  • Mr Howard Guttman - High performance culture
    Howard is a change management consultant and describes four key aspects to change culture - mind-set, common skill-set, consistency of working and committed leadership group (2012; 4min17sec).
  • Professor John Kotter - Management vs Leadership
    A Harvard Business School Professor and business entrepreneur, John calls for increased leadership in businesses rather than management if companies want to see real improvement and longevity (2012; 5min20sec).
  • Professor Lee Newman - Positive Leadership
    A Professor of Behavioural Science and Leadership at IE University, Lee describes the concept of Positive Leadership and the need to address manufacturing processes in terms of human behaviour rather than engineering efficiency (2012; 2min46sec).
  • Professor Mark Mueller-Erberstein - Lead and be the change
    An internationally acclaimed business leader, entrepreneur, consultant, researcher, and best-selling author, Mark explores transformational change and its accompanying emotional curve. (2012; 5min21sec).
Flinders University, Australian Industrial Transformation Institute (AITI)