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Service quality
Do you identify any problems quickly and systematically?
Does management respond well to feedback and criticism?
Do you invest in innovation?
Do you automate your production process?
Performance measurement
Can measuring performance improve your processes?
Enhanced skills
Do you invest in training your workforce?
Two way communication
Does information flow from and to employees?
Employee Involvement
Do employees contribute to efficiency improvements?

HPWS enables business to better utilise all the abilities of its workforce to improve performance in a range of ways. Such practices encourage, as well as support, business models associated with higher quality, differentiated goods and services.

Self-assessment tool

This short questionnaire for CEOs compares your HPWS engagement against known Smart Workplaces in SA.

Good practice case studies

See how well known SA businesses pursue High Performance Work Systems.

Resource centre

Links to resources of use for SA companies, some relevant across industries and some sector-specific.

What are Smart Workplaces?

Get a better understanding of what High Performance Work Systems are and how they can support your organisation's competitive advantage.

Programs and Services

Find out about existing programs and services for businesses available in South Australia.


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